Trends in US Manufacturing Employment

In this issue of Insight into Manufacturing Policy, government-generated data on employment and wages is used to illustrate changes over time by subsector. This data gathering is part of a broader project which analyzes the recent evolution and relative standing of key U.S. manufacturing health indicators by subsector. More

The Evolving Contours of Productivity Performance and Automation Investment in U.S. Manufacturing

This paper analyzes the productivity challenges as well as the production-related technological investments in the U.S. manufacturing sector in order to create a rich framework for productivity-enhancing policy making. It offers an industry-based analysis of the evolution of manufacturing productivity performance and subsequently presents original, survey-generated data on automation investment. More

The labor market in post-reform China: history, evidence, and implications; China’s labor cost advantages are shifting but will remain formidable

Concern over China’s growing economic power has focused attention on its prevailing wage, which–in spite of recent strong growth–remains a fraction of that of the industrialized countries. This paper analyzes the recent history and current structure of China’s emerging labor market with the use of published econometric evidence of Chinese… More

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