Manufacturing Matters: Production Offshoring Is Hurting U.S. Innovation Capacity

In the show’s 25th episode, Sridhar Kota and Tom Mahoney, both of MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight, join host Cliff Waldman to discuss their recent Wall Street Journal Op-ed, in which they argue that production offshoring by US manufacturers is depleting the US of critical innovation capacity. Sridhar and Tom… More

Manufacturing Matters – Economic Outlook for Global Growth and Forecast for the US

In this presentation, given at the 2019 ECIA Executive Conference, ‘Manufacturing Matters’ host Cliff Waldman overviews the global economic outlook and its implications for U.S. manufacturing performance. Cliff identifies four concerns for manufacturing-a slowing global economy, the rising risk of recession in the U.S., a chaotic and destabilizing trade battle… More

Manufacturing Matters: Workforce Challenges Faced By Global Manufacturers

Susan Sweeney, President of GGB, engages in a broad-based discussion of workforce challenges faced by global manufacturers. Dr Sweeney discusses the general U.S. manufacturing human capital problem and then focuses on her specific company issues. She describes a number of the workforce development programs and initiatives at GGB. The final… More

Manufacturing Matters: Some Perspective On Global Economic and Financial Signals

Amidst rising fears of a world economic downturn, Greg Daco, Chief US Economist at Oxford Economics, offered much-needed perspective on global economic and financial signals. Greg responded to questions about the mixed economic picture in the US and identified his biggest concerns outside of the US.  He also offered analysis… More

Manufacturing Matters – A Preview of Today’s Federal Reserve Decision

In today’s episode, show host Cliff Waldman previews a much-anticipated decision from the Federal Reserve, which could result in the first interest rate cut since 2008.  Cliff provides the economic backdrop for this pivotal Fed meeting and explains the role of manufacturing data in the Fed’s deliberations. He concludes by… More

Manufacturing Matters: The Energy Industry’s Effect On Manufacturing

In this episode, Dean Foreman, Chief Economist of the American Petroleum Institute, offers perspective on the U.S. energy picture and its implications for U.S. manufacturing. After discussing the changing economics of energy, Dr. Foreman delves into longer-term issues such as energy-related research and development and alternative energy sources. The episode… More

Manufacturing Matters – The Cyclical And Structural Forces Shaping The U.S. Electrical Manufacturing Space

In this episode, Don Leavens, Vice President and Chief Economist of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, discusses both cyclical and structural forces shaping the U.S. electrical manufacturing space. Following Don’s description of the electrical manufacturing growth picture, the questioning turns to product and process innovation. When asked about concentration and barriers… More

Manufacturing Matters – Innovation and Disruption in U.S. Manufacturing

In this episode, noted economist, futurist and trendcaster, Dr. Shawn DuBravac, defines and discusses the basics of innovation and disruption in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Shawn addresses the challenge of measuring the impact of innovation and disruption given the complexities of domestic and global supply chains. The implications of the… More