Manufacturing Matters – The Future of Manufacturing May Be Africa

In today’s episode ‘Manufacturing Matters’ host Cliff Waldman offers comments and analysis on the emerging African economy. He argues that global manufacturers need to increase their attention on the African continent because economic growth is improving and a young, growing, urbanizing population is a comparative advantage relative to the demographics… More

Manufacturing Matters – Creating An Effective Business Development Strategy

In this episode of ‘Manufacturing Matters’, Francois Gau, award-winning executive and consultant, discusses the challenges that manufacturing companies face in creating an effective business development strategy in this era of technological, geopolitical and demographic disruption. Francois paints a compelling picture of present-day manufacturing company management by responding to questions about… More

Manufacturing Matters – A Look Ahead 20 Years

On this episode of Manufacturing Matters, host Cliff Waldman takes a look 20 years into the future of manufacturing. What will drive manufacturing in the years to come? Here’s a hint: Africa. Listen to this episode for all the details!… More

Manufacturing Matters – An In-depth Look At The Plastics Industry

In this episode, Perc Pineda, Chief Economist of the Plastics Industry Association, discusses the current issues of manufacturing change and disruption as they apply to plastics manufacturing. Perc responds to questions about the plastics manufacturing growth outlook. The interview then turns to product and process innovation. After a discussion of… More

The Continuing Development of Manufacturing Matters

Lew Weiss and Tim Grady, hosts of Manufacturing Talk Radio, and Cliff Waldman talk about Manufacturing Matters With Cliff Waldman: the show, the guests, the topics, and where this show is headed in future episodes. More

Manufacturing Matters – A Closer Look At Automation

In this week’s episode, host Cliff Waldman discusses his thinking and research insights on automation, a phenomenon that is rapidly reshaping manufacturing processes. Cliff offers comments on the incidence of automation investment, the intersection of automation and other types of physical investments and the implications of automation for productivity performance… More

Manufacturing Matters – Challenges In The U.S. Auto Industry

In this episode noted auto industry expert Haig Stoddard talks to host Cliff Waldman about challenges shaping the U.S. motor vehicle subsector. After overviewing industry growth prospects, the interview turns to product innovation, with discussion of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Human capital challenges in the U.S. auto industry are… More