Manufacturing Jobs: A Red Flag?

Thankfully, a resurgent virus has not yet derailed the U.S. employment recovery. The gain of 1.8 million jobs in July, while significantly slower than the 4.8 million gain in June and the 2.7 million gain in May, at least shows that things are moving forward, however fitfully. Perspective has never… More

Global Improvement Supports U.S. Manufacturing Recovery

A modest improvement in global economic conditions, mostly in Asia, is supporting a recovery in U.S. manufacturing growth after an historic second-quarter 2020 crash. The Institute for Supply Management’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), a notably reliable prognosticator of short-term growth prospects in the U.S. manufacturing sector, registered a healthy 54.2… More

Productivity Growth: Key to the Post-Pandemic Future

When the first reading of second quarter U.S. GDP growth is released in late July, and for several quarters after that, we will be staring at economic growth numbers that no one has ever seen before. In terms of magnitude and volatility these upcoming data will be a unique experience… More

New World Economics U.S. Manufacturing Forecast

The tumultuous US-China trade war pushed the US manufacturing sector into a modest downturn during 2019. Just as signs of stabilization were appearing, a once-a-century global pandemic all but shut down the US and global economies. More

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